Exploring the Smart Kitchen

“Smart” is the buzz word this 21st century. Smart cars, smart phones, smart screens and a thousand and one smart apps for phone, lap-top, tablet and iPad.  My friend claims he has a smart bedroom. The curtains are automatically drawn when the light outside drops to a certain level. He has also a smart Hi-Fi that switches on when he enters the room!

Why not a smart kitchen? Too late- it’s already here! Last year the Smart Kitchen finally arrived and now new products and services are being introduced to the market to make it a reality. We have a smart oven that self-programmes for a particular cooking process and an intelligent dishwasher that can sense what plates and cutlery are in it and how to wash them economically yet effectively.

Companies are all rushing to get involved and offer their smart appliances, such as Wolf® and Sub-Zero® are already imagining the ideal smart kitchen and products like the Dacor® Discovery IQ™ Dual-Fuel Range are being introduced to the market.

All the kitchen appliances will rely on home automation and technology. They are controlled through W-Fi using apps on your smartphone, android, iPhone or iPad. You can choose whether to have just one smart kitchen appliance controlled in this way, or have many.

Whether you are looking for complete home automation or just to control a single appliance, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi connection to get started.

Let’s have a look at a few specific smart kitchen products:

The Wolf® E-Series Double Oven lets you know preheat status, or when the roast has met its optimal temperature whether you are home or not. It will send you alerts when your oven is turned on as an added safety feature and even connect your oven to your home’s central heating thermostat to reduce heating when the oven is in use! If something goes wrong with the oven, then relevant data can be sent electronically to the Wolf factory engineers so they could diagnose the problem and maybe even correct any software problem remotely.

Next up fridge-freezers. The LG® Smart ThinQ™ Super-Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator comes with an 8” Wi-Fi LCD Screen. It lets you manage lets you manage your food storage with ease, including alerting you to approaching use-by dates. You get a whopping 31 cubic feet of food storage and it’s also ultra-Eco-friendly; with its slim insulation technology it has the top ENERGY STAR® rating.

The Smart ThinQ™ Refrigerator even lets you know what’s on inside and outside. The LCD screen lets you see what is inside the fridge, what food is about to expire, and even the ingredients you have to buy to create your favourite main course. While can you do all this looking at the 8” screen, all the info can be accessed through a smart phone app, so you can create your shopping list on-the-go.  Your fridge is talking to you while you shop. This means less wasted food, and less time having to go out again to the shops because you’ve forgotten a key ingredient for your special Sunday Roast!

If you want a truly top-of-the-range smart kitchen, then you will also need a smart range. Dacor® has been advancing apace and recently unveiled its Discovery™ iQ line. The debut model in the line incorporated a fully-integrated Android® tablet into a double wall oven and this year the company is updating its Android app and adding the Discovery™ iQ Dual-Fuel Range to its line of smart appliances. This range is really a professional cook’s best friend; it is four feet wide with 14 inch brass burners and two side-by-side oven compartments. Wow!